Deadwood is a town under siege. It sits smack dab in the middle of the Sioux Nations, at the northeastern edge of the Black Hills. Large groups of Sioux patrol the area around the town, launching raids against Custer’s entrenched forces every few days.

They consider his presence an affront to the Deadwood Creek Treaty, and are none too happy with the Union either. Both the Old Ways tribes and the Ravenites have launched their own raids, finally fighting on the same side (although not exactly side by side).

Miners are still tolerated in the region around Deadwood. Many think the wicasas realize they can’t fight everyone at once, and as soon as Custer is driven out, the Deadwood Miners’ Alliance will be next. In point of fact, mining brings in too much dinero for the tribes to turn it away. For the most part, the Sioux don’t bother miners working on legal claims.

Custer’s soldiers are a different story. The corpses of those killed by the Sioux hang from poles along the trail to the Black Hills, a warning to the rest of Custer’s men.


Deadlands: The Last Sons Ridge