Black Hills


The Black Hills were sacred to the Sioux before whites arrived, but with the discovery of extensive veins of ghost rock they were destined to be mortgaged against the future of the Indian tribes. To survive, the wicasas allow the whites limited mining rights even though that very mining may grow to the point where it destroys all the Sioux peoples.

Under the Deadwood Treaty of ’75, miners are supposed to pay a $100 fee to stake a claim in the Black Hills. Most of them can’t afford the fee until they hit a vein of gold or ghost rock, however, so they sneak into the hills illegally until they get lucky.

The Sioux are ruthless in patrolling the sacred Black Hills. A miner who can’t produce a legal claim is dragged back to Deadwood without his gear. Anyone who fights back is killed, and his corpse mounted on a pole along the trail to the Black Hills, as a warning to other miners.

Black Hills

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