Tomas Graven

A werewolf seeking a cure to his lycanthropy



General Impression
Tomas wears worn and torn clothes, which gives him a bit of shaggy and unimpressive look. The hair on his body grows rapidly, so he often has at least a stubble, if not a beard. He wears some native american trinkets on his person, which can be identified to be paiutean.

Agility d8
Fightin’ d8, Ridin’ d4, Shootin’ d8
Smarts d6
Survival d4, Trackin’ d6, Knowledge (Paiute) d4
Spirit d8
Guts d8, Discipline d8
Strength d6
Vigor d8

2 Wounds from a single Stinger attack to the gizzards. October 15th 1880.

Agility d8 → d6
Tomas’ guts got messed up in Devil’s Tower, when a little terror by the name of Stinger got to him with its stinger.

Charisma -2
Pace 6
Running die d6
Parry 6
Toughness 6
Grit 4
Weight Limit: 30
Dominion -
Power Points: 9/15

Phobia (Major): Silver
– Being a werewolf, silver is deadly to Tomas. Wounds inflicted by a weapon made out of silver hurts like hell, and even having the stuff around is enough to make Tomas sweat.

Poverty (Minor)
– Tomas uses a lot of his earnings to replace his clothes (which constantly get worn and torn) and to keep his tools of trade in shape.

Pacifist (Minor)
– Violence isn’t a part of Tomas’ nature. He will protect his friends and help the helpless if need be, but prefers to solve conflicts without violence.

Phobia (Minor): Mechanical Animals
- Tomas’ encounter with a mechanically enchanted dog-like abomination left him with a distrust and a fear of all engineered animals.

Phobia (Minor): Possessed

EXP: 63
0 Arcane Background (Lycanthropy) (Trapping for Shamanism, Arcane Skill Discipline)
Tomas has learned to control some of his wolf-like abilities.
0 Vigor d4 → d6 → d8
Thanks to the lycanthropy in his veins, Tomas’ endurance is greater than that of a normal man.
5 New Power (Roar of the Beast)
10 Nerves of Steel
Once, when the full moon was only days away, Tomas noticed the pain goes away, even if the bruises remain.
15 New Power (Alpha Beast)
20 Improvisational Fighter
When the men and monsters of the Weird West come up close, a Winchester won’t do much good. Unless you know how to use the rear end of the weapon, which Tomas has learned to do.
25 Agility d6 → d8
Tomas’ recent conflicts have included quite a few spurts, jumps and quick moves with the Winchester. It has an effect on one’s nimbleness and deftness.
30 Shootin’ & Fightin’ d6 → d8
During his travels in the Disputed Territories, Tomas has had to often resort to both ends of his rifle.
35 True Grit
Tomas has fought unnatural beasts, seen firearms he can’t comprehend and been to the lands of the dead, yet he remains steadfast. They tell he’s a man with true grit.
40 Seen The Elephant
A man with true grit entered Devil’s Tower. A man who has seen things Man Was Not Meant To Know returned.
45 Agility d8 → d10
Slowly, but surely, Tomas learned to live with his injuries.
50 Command
Tomas is a man of few words, so when he speaks, his allies tend to listen.
55 Fightin’ & Shootin’ d10
When War’s ragin’ on, one must live by a rifle or die by the rifle.
60 Trademark Weapon
Tomas’ Winchester has been with him for years. Some might say his rifle is a part of him.
65 Improved Trademark Weapon

Wolf’s Trait [Drain 2, Duration 5(1/rnd)]
Tomas taps to his inner wolf and increases one of his Traits by a die type, or two with a raise. Often this causes an appropriate, subtle physical transformation for the duration of the power.

Regeneration [Drain 0, Duration Special]
During his grooming and meditation ritual, Tomas tends to his wounds. In that time, his werewolf blood regenerates tissue lost within the day and purifies itself of poisons. Only one roll is allowed per ritual, which heals a wound level, or two with a raise. Due to the time and effort used to this, Tomas suffers no wound modifiers to the arcane roll.

Roar of the Beast [Drain 2, Instant]
Tomas succumbs to the wolf inside and lets out a terrifying roar. Everyone, except allies who know of Tomas’ lycanthropy, under a Large Burst Template centered on Tomas have to make a Guts check, with a -2 to the roll if Tomas scored a raise on the Discipline roll. Wild Cards who fail the check have to roll on the Fright Table, while Extras are automatically Panicked.

Alpha Beast [Drain Special, Range Smarts x 100 yards, Duration 10 minutes]
Tomas “tunes in” to the animal behavior and sounds. He understands all animals and can make them do his bidding. Tomas acts, growls, barks and howls like a wolf when he communicates with animals. This doesn’t affect to supernatural animals, only mundane ones. Tomas can take control of several animals with a single Discipline roll by spending the appropriate amount of Power Points. For Power Point costs, see Beast Friend (SWD).


Character info:
After he got bit by a werewolf in his late-twenties, Tomas Graven became a drifter searching for a cure to lycanthropy. Distinguished by his shaggy appearance, native american trinkets and uncomfortably ritualistic approach to his nightly grooming sessions.

Although a hunter by trade, Tomas has developed impressive skills with a barber’s razor since his infection, and has dabbled in the profession.

On person
El Cheapo Stetson
El Cheapo (Winter) Coat
Winchester .40 rifle
El Cheapo Colt .45
Skinning Knife
Photo of family
.45 rounds x24
Weight: 18/30

.45 ammo x18
.40 ammo x19
El Cheapo Tomahawk
Rope (50’)
El Cheapo rope (50’)
Bed Roll
Iron Skillet
Mess Kit
Lantern oil (1 gallon)
Wild Bill’s SA Colt Navy Revolver x2
Various equipment for $29

Tomas changes into a werewolf every full moon. The dates for these in 1880-1881 are:
September 18th.
October 17th.
November 16th.
December 16th.
January 15th.
February 14th.
March 15th.
April 14th.
May 13th.
June 12th.
July 11th.
August 9th.

Worst Nightmare
Embracing the savageness of lycanthropy inside him and becoming nothing more than a beast.

Tomas Graven

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