The Ghost Dancers


A Paiute chief named Tavibo was exposed to the Christian revelations by Mormons moving through his lands to settle in the Utah Territory. Tavibo prayed with the Mormon prophets and received visions that further clarified the tenets of the Ghost Dance: Indian unity, faith in the Creator, clean living, and the possibility of resurrection.

Everything came together in the early 1870s when Tavibo’s son Wovoka had his own vision. In a fever sleep Wovoka heard a great noise, like all the Thunderbirds clapping their wings together at once. He soared above the Tree of Life and into the sky to visit the Creator. When he returned, he put together all that was known about the Ghost Dance and formalized certain aspects of the ritual.

It is said that the Ghost Dance can banish fear and even resurrect the dead.

The Ghost Dancers

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