Deadlands: The Last Sons

Smith and Robards saves the day!

This epic tale starts with a fellowship of six brave men and women of the west. I am Robert Chambers, a humble Smith & Robards traveling salesman. I am accompanied by five not yet significant people who are either my temporary employees or customers, depending on the situation.

We were traveling on my trademarked S&R stagecoach. Our destination was Deadwood, because I heard that place had a need for the inventions and products of the great Smith and Robards company.

But alas, the west is full of dangers. On our way to Deadwood, our journey was halted by a ragtag bunch of bandits, trying to rob us. After their leader made a forceful suggestion of removing ala of our valuable goods, I promptly told them, that we were a registered Smith and Robards reseller and their attempts to continue with this robbing would be met with the full force of S&R technology can provide.

They laughed and were joyful, for even robbers know, that S&R technology is a valuable resource. They still wanted to continue with their plan to remove the goods. That was their first and last mistake.

While my companions were surrendering, I sneaked to the back of the stagecoach and equipped myself with the patented Vapor Mask™ (VM100, S&R catalog pg. 49) and grabbed a bottle of Slumber gas™ (SU100, catalog pg. 73). Because it was a dark night, I used my Ghost Rock Watch™ (GW100, catalog pg. 53) as a temporary light source. I was ready to nonlethally eliminate a half dozen bandits alone in a matter of seconds thanks to Smith And Robards!

Then, from the cover of the S&R stagecoach, I shined the light against the bandits and threw the slumber gas to the middle of the bunch. A moment later most of the big bad bandits fell to sleep like babies. The leader was fast enough to react and left the gaseous cloud of slumber. Maybe he had taken a Greased Lightning pill™(GL100, catalog pg. 70)? Then my companions gathered their courage like they had taken a dose of Liquid Courage™(LC100, catalog pg. 71) and captured the escaping bandit leader.

After that endeavor, we chained the bandits, so we could take them to the proper authority. A few moments later an indian man wanted our help to free his brothers from some other indians. Because S&R does not discriminate, of course we had to help them. My companions did the heavy lifting while I stayed as support with my Air-Gun Rifle™(SP111, catalog pg. 88). Long story short, good indians were rescued and evacuated from the bad indian camp.

What followed from that, is a tale for an another time…

A town called Deadwood
The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


I’d heard of Deadwood’s violent nature, but nothin’ could’ve prepared me for the harsh reality we encountered. Every single soul in the town was carryin’ iron, and the mud on the streets was more often than not mixed with human blood. Not a place where I want to be.

We delivered the outlaws to the town marshal, Seth Bullock, for trial. He didn’t even have an office of his own. The tension only grew when Colonel Custer and his renegade bluebellies took the town under his control. This town isn’t a place where I want to be.

I’m not sure what I should make of my companions. On one hand they did help the Paiuteans get away from the deadly Ravenites on the road, but on the other hand, they have their… quirks.

As soon as we arrived to the town, it was clear to me that Robert Chambers is too interested in money and fame to pay attention to things around him. Deadwood is slowly killing itself from inside, yet he spend a whole afternoon standin’ in the mud and snakeoilin’ the townsfolk into buying shit they don’t need.

Doc Morris rented a shack in town and planned to offer medical services for the town. While noble, I can’t help but think he has an ulterior motive of some kind. His experiments made the horses nervous and, frankly, I agree with ‘em. Him wantin’ to check some Pinkerton files for his name didn’t help.

Elena Collins and Crouching Puma seem trustworthy enough, though the lady is gettin’ a bit nosy. She invited us to stay in her family’s house while in Deadwood, and even let the tinhorn snakeoil salesman take their firewood for nothing, while he got us some boar to eat. If they’re around when the moon hits, they’ll deserve to know. Hell, maybe they’ll even make sure no one gets hurt.

We had to hoof it pretty fast when we got into a conflict with some chinese men, who were working for warlord Kang’s underling, Huang Li. One of them was shot carrying some old Pinkerton files on outlaws, and his friends wanted them back when we had decided they should be given to the Pinkerton’s successor, the Agency in Denver. During the conflict the fistfighters were scared off easily enough, not by us, but by the bluebellies. We got away before they got too interested in our business.

Now we’re on the road again, this time going to Denver. Elena tells me the trip should be uneventful, as long as we make it to the Oregon Trail without problems. I hope she’s right. Once in Denver, we’ll find the Agency and give them their files. If I’m lucky, they might even help me with my condition.

The Agent, the townsfolk and the fungi monsters
The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


We didn’t get far before we had our first encounter with the harsh planes of Sioux Nations. We had set up camp for the night, when we heard someone riding towards us – catchin’ us. Seeing as we hadn’t left Deadwood with the lowest of profiles, I prepared myself for yet another conflict. Fortunately, the horseman proved to be an ally. Richard Speakman, he said his name was. A store owner specializin’ in miners’ needs in Deadwood. Also, an Agent for the Agency of United States. He was pleased to see us deliverin’ the case files to Denver, for he’s bein’ mighty busy with the tensions rising back at Deadwood. He promised to send a telegraph to the agents of Denver, so they’ll know we are coming, and disappeared into the night.

We got to Laramie without any trouble, and passed the town in a matter of hours. We restocked and found the town to a be as typical as a town stuck in the middle of nowhere can be. They had some mechanical animals on display, which Doc Morris got interested in, though. Me? I just wanted to continue our travel as soon as possible. The days were flying past us and full moon was already near. I didn’t need no starry skies and unlit campfires to tell me that. I felt it in my gut.

Only a couple nights before the full moon, on a rainy evenin’, we arrived to New Jerusalem. A small town like any other, but this one had a secret. Speakin’ of secrets, it was harder and harder to keep mine, as it always is this time of the month. Anyway, it all began with a scream.

The scream came from a house on the end of the street. It pierced into my ear through my nightly ritual, and I had barely the time to grab my Winchester, let alone button up my shirt. As I rushed to the street, I noticed I wasn’t the only one who had heard the scream. As disorientated as I was, the townsfolk and my travellin’ companions were heading towards the house. Nothin’ was to be found. Only an open door, burn marks on the wall and draggin’ marks in the mud, towards the mine. Then I heard an another scream.


This time it came from the stables. I ran like the wind to get there in time. I peeked through a window, and what I saw, I didn’t believe at first. To be honest, a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have. I’ve found my mind bein’ a hella lot more open to the weirdness since I was made the weirdness. These creatures were like livin’ ‘shrooms, but with tentacles for grabbin’ stuff. Their skin was a mixture between minced meat and the goo Chambers puts to his meals. Several kinds of unpleasant.

With a little help from my companions, I managed to shoot all three of them down, and save the farmhand they were harassin’, but not without takin’ a hit myself. They used some kind of flamers, but without the flame. Only the round and burnin’ marks. I don’t know what they were, but those burners really hurt.

We got geared up and hurried towards the mines to see if the kidnapped family at the end of the street could be saved. It wasn’t long when we encountered three of the… the… ‘shroom-men… no… fungi-things… not right… ungh, screw it. They were a mix of minced meat and goo. They’re mi-go. You come up with a better name.

Fortunately, we got the drop on them and drop they did. Then we came upon it. An altar with a mysterious book, a knocked-out barber and the… rift. It was as if the air itself had a hole in it, and the hole was filled with all colors and lights, which had a strange pull towards itself. I’m not a doubtin’ Thomas by any means, but this, I’m not sure I believe it even now. I got my noggin’ mixed up and made a huge mistake. Me and Puma, we walked under it to get to next section of the mine. Then the rift sucked us in. What happened then, that’s where the weird shit starts.

At the Towers of Madness
The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


We woke up in a strange land. Instead of large, undisturbed plains there were mesas filled with fungi, connected to each other with ungodly bridges of color. In the light of two full moons we walked the mesas and saw menacin’ towers in the distance. Good thing the moons didn’t make the beast come forward. Puma wouldn’t have liked that.

We came upon an another visitor to this world – a German soldier in black leather. He was trapped in this place as well, and short on food. Together we decided to make it to the towers, hopin’ we would make it back home. On the way it became clear that the German, Corporal Heinrich, had hit his head, if not worse, for he thought he had lived in the future, sometime in the 20th century.

Nearin’ the towers, we saw more of the things, Mi-Gos, patrollin’ the area. Outnumbered and outgunned, we decided to become whispers in the darkness, not cattle in rampage. That meant takin’ the silent approach.

Our element of surprise was almost used before we even had it – a beast like a dog or a wolf with gapin’ hole filled with sharp teeth for a mouth and some kind of scrapper junk for legs, the terrifyin’ abomination immediately rushed upon me and took a bite out of my leg. Then it happened. It lasted only a second, if even that, but I felt it as clearly as I feel my Winchester in my hand. I changed. I became the beast that’s livin’ inside of me.

As I came to, I saw the abomination runnin’ scared, and I saw that Puma and Heinrich almost followed it. Yet they didn’t say anythin’, and I wasn’t feelin’ like talkin’. Hopefully it happened because the moons there were all screwed up, not because… anythin’ else.

We got to a tower, and entered it. Inside the never-ending tower, there was stairs upwards. As we climbed, we heard an alarm and a bunch of mi-gos followed. We shot, punched and clawed our way up, and Puma almost got dragged down.


We got in a room with a hole in the air, like there was in the cave. We had no time to sit down and ponder where it’d take us. We jumped in, but not before one of the bastards got its tentacled around Heinrich’s throat. Puma shot an arrow, but missed. I had one bullet in my Peacemaker left. I cocked the shootin’ iron, took aim and fired the shot. The bullet soared through the air like a leaf in the wind. A very fast and very deadly leaf. The mi-go took the bullet into its head, splicin’ its tentacle along the way. The creature fell and Heinrich jumped with us to the unknown.

Hang me high if I wasn’t pleased from what I saw. We all came through, back into the cave we left from. I saw Elena throwin’ the worm book into the rift, and the damned thing closed behind us. Adios a-mi-gos!

I would’ve been more pleased if i hadn’t been a beaten mess though. I got up and headed towards the hotel at the break of dawn. The townsfolk gathered to cheer, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to get some sleep before it’d be impossible to get any. Tomorrow we’d be in Denver and would have whole new problems.

What happened to Wallace Blount?
The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


We left Denver before we got our hides too deep into the local politics fer our own good. What happened at Denver? Well, things got interestin’ is what happened. Look, I don’t think I’m the right man to tell you that story. Try Collins or Puma, maybe Chambers. You could try askin’ Doc, but I reckon he can’t tell you much while he’s busy with that… thingmating of his, whatever it is. What I can tell you about Denver, is that I was right about Collins and Puma. They’re trustworthy and reliable. Doc and Chambers? They’re either wise to prepare for future or are out to get me. Doc wanted some of my hair for some reason “I wouldn’t understand” and I’m pretty sure I saw Chambers buying some… heavy-caliber silverware back in Denver.

Anyway, we rode like wind back to Deadwood, the sweet home to our guide. Sweet wouldn’t be the way I’d put it, what with all the dirt and sand and shootin’. We found Bull All The Time, the fellow who works at the Indian Affairs. We told him about the attacked Paiute and the upcomin’ Ghost Dance. Since the Agency was a bust, I’m back to the square one with my illness, so I was glad to hear he agreed to let me take part in the dancin’.

That’s still a long time away, and Bull needed our help for something else entirely. A friend of his, Wallace Blount, had disappeared. He needed us to go check upon him on his claim for a small reward. We did, and found his… eccentric, that’s a word, right? Right. Eccentric neighbor who told us Ol’ Blount had vamoosed to east, to Dusky Jewel. It wasn’t too far out, so we rode immediately.

The road was far from hospitable, with narrow canyons, unfriendly natives and, believe it or not, dead men hangin’ from poles. Collins knew they were a warning sign from the natives, but that wasn’t what got under my skin. No, these dead men were very much alive, at least some of them. Not alive-alive, but dead-alive. I know it’s a bit much to bite on, but I’ve seen more unbelievable thangs out there. Some of these dead men on poles attacked us and tried to grab Collins and Chambers to their ranks. Thanks to my Winchester and Puma’s knife we got them. Why they didn’t rise from our attacks, I have no idea. Important thang is, they didn’t.

Eventually, we got to Dusky Jewel. The road wasn’t pleasant, but we were in for something far worse…

Tower o' the Devil
The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


Rattle, rattle.
Rattle, rattle.
Rattle, rattle.


Ow! Goddammit Chambers, keep on the road will ya!

…Them tinhorns… and I had just gotten me some shuteye.

Huh? What’s that you’re starin’ me for? What happened at the Devil’s Tower? I thought Puma would’ve covered that and well past. Well, I’m already up so might as well spill the beans on that one.

So, we entered the cursed monolith and left the good doctor keep an eye on the chinese gunmen. In hindsight, we might have been better off taking him along.

The tower was a maze. Endless corridors to left, to right, to up, to down… everywhere. First we headed down. I guess it was Puma who thunk that the “mirrorworld” would be beneath our own or something. Well, the only thing we found was some mighty ornary baby rattlers and tentacles the size of a ranch house in a riverbend. Oh, and the maze went inside the corpse of a Rattler. Others didn’t notice it, and I didn’t want a panic in my hands, so…

Calm down, Collins! I was goin’ to tell you once this was all over! I didn’t want you and Chambers and Puma gettin’ all… well, rattled.

Anyway, we headed upwards. We encountered over a dozen little critters, that had jaw like a tick, body that of a beetle and a stinger, one of which gave me this scar on my guts. Them Stingers, we’re lucky they’re not common elsewhere. We almost we’re done for, but Chambers blew up his suitcase of wonder on their face. Scattered like lil’ boys avoidin’ the belt.

Up we went, though sometimes I still wish we hadn’t. We encountered some kind of lizards. They stood on two legs, had six arms each and they sure knew how to use their claws. Me? I wanted to skedaddle past them as fast as I could, but the others were foolish enough to get into fisticuffs with one of them. Now, I don’t know how it exactly went down, but I know Chambers dragged Puma and Collins, who both were on brink of death, out of the frying pan… to the fire.

There he was. The General. He had six arms, like rest of them, but they we’re all mechanical. Now, you know I’m not too fond of critters like them, but we had to get past him. See, there was this portal, not unlike the one in New Jerusalem.

The Mirror World.

Collins and Puma made a run for it, leaving me and Chambers to deal with the abomination. Fortunately, as it tried to make as one big holes with his shootin’ iron, it exploded in his hands. The smoke and confusion provided us with an opportunity – I ran! Unfortunately, the beast catched me. I knew I had one of the S&R Flashbangs in my sixgun, so I shot it on his face. I didn’t hit, not even close, but the flash from the barrel got his eyes and I dived for the portal. Chambers soon followed, fortunately without that Five-Arm General. There we were again, facing unknown that few had ever seen.

In hindsight, it might be best we didn’t take the Mad Scientist there…

A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

Jostakin syystä en ollut lainkaan yllättynyt, kun Wowoka sinä aamuna vihdoinkin kehoitti minua lähtemään auttamaan valkoisia ystäviämme. Siitä asti, kun he silloin kerran pelastivat meidät, olin jo leikitellyt ajatuksella, että liittyisin heidän joukkioonsa. Olin jo henkisesti jonkin aikaa valmistautunut lähtemiseen, vaikka alunperin oli tarkoitukseni ollut ehdottaa sitä itse. Valojakin vannomatta oli selvää, että tekisin kaikkeni, jotta valkoiset ystävämme onnistuisivat tehtävässään.

Niin lähdin matkaan uskollisella Ninovanillani. Nuori orini suorastaan paloi halusta nähdä maailmaa, vai olinkohan se sittenkin minä joka niin tunsi? Yhtä kaikki, samanlainen into paloi minunkin sydämessäni ja tunsin olevan nuori tyttönen ensimmäisellä retkellään. Into kuitenkin hyytyi, sillä matkan aikana en voinut kuin pohtia paikkaa minne minun tulisi mennä. “Devil’s Tower”, sillä nimellä valkoiset kutsuivat sitä. Mieleni täyttyi tarinoilla, joita olin kuullut tuosta Lodge of the Grizzlyksikin nimitetystä paikasta.

Karhunmaja osoittautui suuremmaksi, pelottavammaksi ja luontaan työntävämmäksi paikaksi, kuin mitä olin osannut edes odottaa. Varjot näyttivät pidemmiltä täällä, äänet vääristyivät ottaen pelkojeni muotoja, eikä rohkea ratsunikaan meinannut suostua astelemaan sillä varjomaalla. Oli kuitenkin mentävä, sillä se oli velvollisuuteni ja Ninovanin sydämessä asui rohkea soturi. Niin me saavuimme todistamaan erikoista näkyä. Karhunmaja piirtyi terävänä taivasta vasten, puuhun oli sidottu valkoisia miehiä ja paikalla oli vain yksi tuttu kasvo.

Wowoka oli sanonut, etten saisi astua sisään paholaisen torniin, minun kuuluisi vain ottaa jäljellä olevat ystävämme mukaani ja palata takaisin. Päätin tehdä niin, vaikka Harvey saikin niskakarvani pystyyn. Mies oli omituinen, en ollut muistanutkaan kuinka omituinen. Hän mutisi itsekseen, oli sekava ja epävarma. Oikeastaan näin jälkeenpäin ajatellen, olen huolissani hänestä. Etenkin kun myöhemmin selvisi, että hänen mielensä lähestyy kuolemaa nopeammin kuin keho. Osa hänestä on varmasti jo menehtynyt, näen sen Harveyn silmissä ja kuulen sen hänen äänessään. Vaikka tahtoisin tietää ja auttaa häntä, en aio kysyä, mikä hänet oli noin tuhonnut, mutta jos hän koskaan kertoisi, minä kuuntelisin.

Kerrottuani Harveylle miksi olin tullut paikalle, hän ymmärsi ja päätimme, että lähtisimme aamulla. Ilmeisesti paikalla olevia vankeja tultaisiin pian hakemaan, joten meidän olisi ollut pakko lähteä joka tapauksessa pian. Harvey keräsi kaiken valkoisten turhat tavarat ja me lähdimme. Täytyy sanoa, että sillä miehellä on sydän paikallaan, sillä hän antoi vangeille ruokaa ja juomaakin ennenkuin poistuimme. Harva valkoinen pitää vankiensa elämää arvossa.

Tarkoituksemme oli ollut mennä suoraan Wowokan luo, mutta mikään tie, millä koskaan olen kulkenut, ei ole milloinkaan johdattanut minua suoraan määränpäähäni. Tapasimme matkalla apua tarvitsevan ryhmän, valkean miehen uskonnon merkkiä kaulassaan kantava Shaul kertoi, että hänen ryhmästään oli kadoksissa yksi jäsen, Belinda nimeltään. Belinda oli mennyt intiaanin ja valkean miehen tappelun väliin. Uskon, että intiaani käytti naiseen jotakin hirvittävää loitsua, sillä kuulemamme mukaan Belinda pakeni paikalta. Lähdimme auttamaan tätä naista, ja jälleen yllätyin siitä, että Harvey oli valmis auttamaan. Ehkä olinkin aliarvioinut tämän oudon miehen sydämen puhtauden.

Löysin Belindan hevosen jäljet nopeasti ja ne johdattivat meidät itseasiassa tuttujeni luokse. Pieni ryhmä rohkeita nuorukaisia heimostani oli matkalla opiskelemaan henkitanssin saloja. He kertoivat nähneensa raveniteja ja kuvaukseen sopiva nainen saattoi olla heidän mukanaan. Nuorukaiset olivat taistelleet ravenitejen kanssa, mutta he olivat valmiita auttamaan meitä pelastamaan Belindan, ja lähettämään ravenitet siinä sivussa metsästysmaille.

Kasasimme nopeasti suunnitelman, päätimme hiippailla lähemmäksi heidän olinpaikkaansa, selvittää heidän lukumääränsä ja piirittää heidät sitten. Ehkä henget olivat suopeampia korpin sotureille, sillä he huomasivat meidät liian ajoissa. Taistelu alkoi, ei yllättäen, mutta nopeasti. Sain huomata saavani vastustajakseni veroiseni, sillä raveniteilla oli mukanaan shamaani, joka myöskin omasi nahan vaihtamisen lahjan. Niinpä kaksi puumaa kävi taistoon toisiaan vastaan samalla kun rohkeat heimoni jäsenet ja Harvey hoitelivat muut korpin soturit.

Selvisimme vähillä vammoilla, mutta yksi meistä menehtyi. Suoritettuamme hänelle kuolinmenot, oli nuorukaisten aika jatkaa matkaansa, kuin myös meidän. Autoimme Belindan Shaulin luo. Käskin heidän jatkaa matkaansa, ja varoa intiaaneja joiden kehossa liitelee korppi. Ja niin mekin pääsimme vihdoin jatkamaan kulkuamme. Oikeastaan, matka sujui hyvin rattoisasti, sillä Harveykin paljastui jonkinasteiseksi parantajaksi. Hän parantaa valkoisten välineillä, oudoilla vehkeillä ja lisävarusteilla, mutta kerrassaan mielenkiintoisesti. Voisin katsoa vaikka kuinka pitkään hänen työskentelyään. Matkan aikana minulle paljastui, että tulevassani ryhmässä olisi joku, joka täydenkuun aikaan ulvoisi kuuta. En tiedä miten tähän suhtautua, muutakuin varauksella. On luonnotonta että mies juoksee susien kanssa, ellei sitten omasta, vapaasta tahdostaan.

Ajan mittaa saavuimme Wowokan luo. Hän oli saanut surullisen näyn. Karhunmajaan menneet ystävämme olivat jotenkin joutuneet metsästysmaille. Kaksi heistä oli kadonnut ikiajoiksi, yksi jäänyt metsästysmaille ja vain kaksi palannut meidän maailmaamme. En ymmärrä mitä se tarkoittaisi, sillä laskujeni mukaan heitä oli yksi liikaa. Kuka oli siis se ylimääräinen? Ja miksi? Olivatko he löytäneet ystäviä metsästysmailta?
Mutta se oli varmaa että saisimme vielä vastauksia, mutta ne löytyisivät vasta Dodgesta. Niin Wowoka kertoi. Ja sinne hevosemme suuntaisivat seuraavaksi.

Vom Regen in die Traufe

I have traveled three days now from the last town, prairie and plains as far as eyes can see… And last night was the worst. I get caught up in to a storm. Two of my tent lines went loose and I went out to to fix them. I light up a lantern and few moments later wind knock it down and my tent was on fire. I some how managed to get fire and kept my self warm and mostly dry, for rest of the night.

In the morning storm had passed and I get going again. I heard a rumor that there might be a small village ahead, and usually these kind of villages might have something to help with. And when I get there, they did have something. Town’s sheriff told me to help Mr. Chambers investigate some murders. This is not my area, but I might learn something.

Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen.

Mr. Chambers was really sure, that this must be done by some kind of beast, no man can do this kind of damage. Oh yeah, they blame some man for this, stranger that they found unharmed and covered in blood next to victims and can’t blame them for that part, but wounds victims have, doesn’t add up. There was one witness, drunken store keeper. He told us about some lizard men and that there was this big man size beast and those two started fighting, I think that I should have listen to that man…

Kinder und Betrunkene sagen immer die Wahrheit.

At the crime scene, I found these strange footprints. Me and Mr. Chambers geared up and started to follow these, because it was only solid lead. After I while we noticed that storm was coming… Great…
After a while, the river bank started to fill up and then we noticed something. Body parts started to flow in the water. As we moved towards upstream, we passed more and more body parts.

We found a source. There was this pit, on the riverside, full on body parts. Mr. Chambers went there to look and I noticed that something was getting closer. There was one of the villagers and he told that village was under attack and they need help. He took us there as fast as he could and we heard gun shots near the sheriff’s office. We ran there, and I saw… Well I wasn’t sure what I saw, but Kesuke had told me that this world is full of strange creatures, that we have only heard stories about. These ones was one of those kind of things. It was some kind of walking fossil, I guess… Stoned bones… Sheriff shot one of these creatures and I ran up to fight another one. Creature wounded me badly, but sheriff shot it too. Sheriff dragged me to a doctor to got patched up immediately. There Chambers told him what we saw at river banks and that most likely these was the reason for those murders. He offered us rooms for the night. Finally, bed to sleep in…

As we where going to sleep, I noticed something. Water on a puddle started shaking. After a while, I started to heard distant thud and shaking followed it… Could it be that there is bigger version of these creatures? I told sheriff and Chambers about noises and they heard and saw shaking too… We still have some time to prepare what is coming….

Vom Regen in die Traufe

Vom Regen in die Traufe. = Out of the frying pan and in to the fire.
Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen. = No one is born a master.
Kinder und Betrunkene sagen immer die Wahrheit. = Drunken people and children are the only ones telling the truth.

Harrin ja Anskun Missio

// Oksennan vaa tän tänne ettei tuu tyhmää aukkoo recapeissä. Aivan totaalista kuraa koko teksti, mut ainaki jotain muistiinpanoja sitten.//

Pv 1:
Bear Butte. Lunta tosi paljon, sitä tulee tosi paljon lisää. Sota ”jäissä” koska lunta niin paljon.

Pv 2: Matkustamista

Pv 3: Laramie (20..??)
Iltapäivällä saavuttiin. Keskellä pääkatua on menossa jonkinlainen tilanne, sillä kaks porukkaa osottelee toisiaan aseilla. Molempien porukoiden johdossa näyttää olevan jokseenkin fiinin näköset miehet, jotka näyttää aika samanlaisilta. Ehkä kaksoset? Tai ainakin veljekset. Pian raivokas ja nopea ammuskelu alko ja sit ne peräänty molemmat mestoihinsa.

Mentiin Miner Union of Laramieen, siellä William otti meidät vastaan ja kerto taustoista. Veljekset olivat saapuneet Laramieen isänsä käskystä jonkun aikaa sitten, etsimään rikkauksia. Veli sairastu matkalla, sitä hoidettiin jossain (Shaipenne?). Lääkäri oli varma että veli ei enää selviä. Tohtori kuitenkin oli tahton kertoa jotakin Williamille, mutta tohtori kuoli ennenkuin ehti kertoa. Ja yhtäkkiä veli olikin terve, mutta Williamin mielestä ei ollut enää hänen veljensä sillä yhtäkkii veli alko pyytää enemmän firmasta ja painelikin sitte pihalle ja pisti omansa pystyyn

Mentiin Laramies Miner Unioniin jossa Aron otti meidät vastaan. Aron sano, että ei oo koskaa tullu toimee Williamin kanssa ja kaikki ois Williamin vika. Kierreltii hieman kylässä ja kyläläiset kertoili et molemmat veljekset on perseestä et menis vaan pois. Ulkopuolisilta aika yhteneväinen tarina aiheesta: Veljekset tul, perusti firmat ja riitely alko.

Näyssä Wanekia näkee kadun, sitte koko Laramien. On paljon lunta, lumella on verta ja kadun reunoilla näkyy aseistettuja ihmisten varjoja joiden takana on isommat varjot. Lumeen piirtyy luvut 2 ja 3. Lumessa lojuu puinen marionettinukke.

The end.


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