Robert Chambers

A certified Smith & Robards salesman traveling the west



General Impression
A (over)confident salesman with showmanship skills. Always smiling and promoting S&R products and services. Haggles prices when possible.

Agility d8
Smarts d8
Spirit d8
Strenght d4
Vigor d6

Charisma +2 (noble)
Pace 6
Running die d6
Parry 4
Toughness 5
Grit 3
Dominion 0
Power Points: 0

Persuasion d8
Throwing d8
Knowledge: Occult d8
Guts d6
Weird Science d8
Fighting d4
Shooting d4
Driving d4
Riding d4
Piloting d4

Overconfident (Major)
“With patented S&R technology, nothing can slow me down”

Loyal (Minor)
“A favor here and there will pay off in the late game”

Greedy (Minor)
“Buy low, sell high”

0 Hindrance points: Smarts & Agility d6→d8, Free edge: Veteran (Has travelled a lot)
5 Noble (S&R is a respected company and showmanship skills can get you far)
10 Filthy Rich (A good investment will pay off in the future)
15 Attribute: Smarts d8→d10 (Work smart, not hard)
20 Snakeoil Salesman (…But wait, there’s more!)
25 Elan
30 marksman
35 jack of all trades
40 Throwing d6→d8, weird science d4→d6
45 Attribute: Smarts d10→d12
50 ace
55 occult, weird science d6→d8

75 AB: Mad Science
80 Eureka!


His parents own a circus, so he started to gather showmanship skills at an early age. His knife throwing skills were worse than his showmanship, so he left the circus and started as a door to door salesman. In time he met Dr. Jacob Smith who made him an offer to work for him. Robert gladly accepted and the rest is history.

He now travels the west promoting S&R wherever he goes and sells their products from a S&R stagecoach.

The Worst Nightmare
Death. Dying multiple times, being basically immortal, but in constant agony.

Robert Chambers

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