Heinrich Schendel

27 years old martial artist.



General impression
Heinrich doesn’t seems to fit anywhere. He speaks with accent, wears strange clothes and carries three section staff strapped to his backpack.

Agility d10
Smarts d6
Spirit d8
Strength d8
Vigor d6

Charisma -2
Pace 6
Running die d6
Parry 8 (9)
Toughness 5
Grit 2
Dominion 0
Power Points 20

Fighting d12
Notice d4
Knowledge: Occult d6
Guts d6
Climbing d4

Foreign languages
English d4
Japanese d4

Deflection d8
Quickness d8
Bolt d4

Vengeful (minor)
“Treat me wrong and I owe you one”

Heroic (major)
“Tries to help those in need”

Outsider (minor)
“It can be seen miles away that he doesn’t belong here”

Night Terrors (?)
“Something happen in Independence”

Martial arts
AB (chi master)
First Strike
Superior Kung Fu (tantui)


Character info
Heinrich was born in 1852 in Bremerhaven, Germany. At the age of eleven he ran away from home. He snuck in to a ship which was carrying immigrants to Washington D.C.

Few months later after arriving to America, Kesuke Miyangi found this young boy wandering around. Kesuke noticed that there was something in Heinrich and he started to train martial arts and was surprised that this boy had some chi flowing through his veins. Training continued next 15 years.

Now Heinrich wanders around wild west, looking for people to help.

Worst Nightmare
That Heinrich doesn’t find meaning for his life

Heinrich Schendel

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