Harvey "Harv" Morris

Unconventional doctor and scientist



General Impression
Old, ragged doctor with poor posture, mumbling to himself. You can see that he doesn’t take too good care of himself. Still behind his glasses one can see expierienced, but driven eyes.

Agility d6
Smarts d10
Spirit d8
Strenght d4
Vigor d4

Charisma -1
Pace 5
Running die d6
Parry 5
Toughness 5
Grit 2 (3 – 1)
Weight Slots: 2
Dominion 0
Power Points: 0

Fighting d4
Shooting d4
Stealth d4
Healing d8
Notice d4
Reapair d8
Taunt d4
Guts d6
Intimidation d4
Weird Science d10

Occult d6
Medicine d6
Chemistry d6
Battle d4

Harvey’s age and neglect to his own well being in favor of pushing on with his research has left Harvey with withered and fragile body, but his mind sharp and full of knowledge.
(-1 step to vigor and strenght, +5 skill points to smarts based skills.)
Harvey’s thirst for knowledge constantly drives before his social standing and self protection instincts. Harvey is constantly looking for new opportunities to learn more about anatomy and potential of human (and monster) bodies.
BAD EYES (minor)
Harvey’s eyes have suffered their own share with his relentless researching. Harvey needs to use glasses in order to see things beyond the problems close at hand.

0 VotWW: Gremlins
Harvey has seen and done more things than most men manage on their lifetime. Still his mind easily wanders nowadays and he doesn’t take care of his equipment like he used to and his hands tend to shake when he gets excited. This has resulted in numerous machanical malfunctions that has cost Morris some of his jobs… or maybe its something else that keeps distracting his work…
0 Arcane Background: Mad Science
When conventional science couldn’t give him all the answers, Harvey turned to New Science.
0 Healer
Doctor Morris is expert field surgeon and has used most of his years to learn more about healing and improving people.
5 Skills: Repair + Chemistry
10 Skills: Repair + Medicine
15 Agility
20 Gadgeteer
Doctor Morris isn’t afraid to use untested theories, as true situation is the best test for them.
25 Elan
Although absent minded most of the time, Harvey is ready to go to any lengths to save his patients and companions. He will push himself to great lengths to achieve this.
30 Brave
Harvey approaches situations that other men fear with curiousity.
35 Gadget: Damage Field
(electricity trapping) After finding out creaturesfrom another… dimension, Harvey gathered all mechanic/magic things he didn’t understand and tried to achieve a electric shocker that would revive people and jumpstart their hearts. He achieved the elecricity, but failed on the healing part.
40 Gadget: Greater Healing
Studying the new theories from New Science Magazine about clockwork mechanisms Harvey has come up with new types of prostesises, but they newer quite took… before Harvey visited dimension called Hunting grounds and got an ephiphany.
45 Gadget: Zombie
Visiting the other side might also have given Harvey an idea how to use his electric reviver to greater effect, even to wake the seemingly dead….


-Studied medicine
-Got married
-Field medic on war
-Loss of his firstborn
-Left to improve his medical skills
-Got interested in “mad Science”
-Work as traveling doctor
-Had his own doctor’s clinic on Dodge
-Work as traveling doctor
-Had his own doctor’s clinic on Austin
-Work as traveling doctor

The Worst Nightmare
Diseases that he doesn’t understand, like his first encounter with unnatural, Tummy Twister.
Loss of his son.
Screams and tortured faces of soldiers that died on his watch at war..

Mumbler: Dr. Morris has bad habit of mumbling his thoughts to get some sense to it all. Especially his patients have hard time keeping calm as he voices his theories. (-1 to charisma)


Harvey "Harv" Morris

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