Deadlands: The Last Sons

What happened to Wallace Blount?

The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


We left Denver before we got our hides too deep into the local politics fer our own good. What happened at Denver? Well, things got interestin’ is what happened. Look, I don’t think I’m the right man to tell you that story. Try Collins or Puma, maybe Chambers. You could try askin’ Doc, but I reckon he can’t tell you much while he’s busy with that… thingmating of his, whatever it is. What I can tell you about Denver, is that I was right about Collins and Puma. They’re trustworthy and reliable. Doc and Chambers? They’re either wise to prepare for future or are out to get me. Doc wanted some of my hair for some reason “I wouldn’t understand” and I’m pretty sure I saw Chambers buying some… heavy-caliber silverware back in Denver.

Anyway, we rode like wind back to Deadwood, the sweet home to our guide. Sweet wouldn’t be the way I’d put it, what with all the dirt and sand and shootin’. We found Bull All The Time, the fellow who works at the Indian Affairs. We told him about the attacked Paiute and the upcomin’ Ghost Dance. Since the Agency was a bust, I’m back to the square one with my illness, so I was glad to hear he agreed to let me take part in the dancin’.

That’s still a long time away, and Bull needed our help for something else entirely. A friend of his, Wallace Blount, had disappeared. He needed us to go check upon him on his claim for a small reward. We did, and found his… eccentric, that’s a word, right? Right. Eccentric neighbor who told us Ol’ Blount had vamoosed to east, to Dusky Jewel. It wasn’t too far out, so we rode immediately.

The road was far from hospitable, with narrow canyons, unfriendly natives and, believe it or not, dead men hangin’ from poles. Collins knew they were a warning sign from the natives, but that wasn’t what got under my skin. No, these dead men were very much alive, at least some of them. Not alive-alive, but dead-alive. I know it’s a bit much to bite on, but I’ve seen more unbelievable thangs out there. Some of these dead men on poles attacked us and tried to grab Collins and Chambers to their ranks. Thanks to my Winchester and Puma’s knife we got them. Why they didn’t rise from our attacks, I have no idea. Important thang is, they didn’t.

Eventually, we got to Dusky Jewel. The road wasn’t pleasant, but we were in for something far worse…



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