Deadlands: The Last Sons

Tower o' the Devil

The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


Rattle, rattle.
Rattle, rattle.
Rattle, rattle.


Ow! Goddammit Chambers, keep on the road will ya!

…Them tinhorns… and I had just gotten me some shuteye.

Huh? What’s that you’re starin’ me for? What happened at the Devil’s Tower? I thought Puma would’ve covered that and well past. Well, I’m already up so might as well spill the beans on that one.

So, we entered the cursed monolith and left the good doctor keep an eye on the chinese gunmen. In hindsight, we might have been better off taking him along.

The tower was a maze. Endless corridors to left, to right, to up, to down… everywhere. First we headed down. I guess it was Puma who thunk that the “mirrorworld” would be beneath our own or something. Well, the only thing we found was some mighty ornary baby rattlers and tentacles the size of a ranch house in a riverbend. Oh, and the maze went inside the corpse of a Rattler. Others didn’t notice it, and I didn’t want a panic in my hands, so…

Calm down, Collins! I was goin’ to tell you once this was all over! I didn’t want you and Chambers and Puma gettin’ all… well, rattled.

Anyway, we headed upwards. We encountered over a dozen little critters, that had jaw like a tick, body that of a beetle and a stinger, one of which gave me this scar on my guts. Them Stingers, we’re lucky they’re not common elsewhere. We almost we’re done for, but Chambers blew up his suitcase of wonder on their face. Scattered like lil’ boys avoidin’ the belt.

Up we went, though sometimes I still wish we hadn’t. We encountered some kind of lizards. They stood on two legs, had six arms each and they sure knew how to use their claws. Me? I wanted to skedaddle past them as fast as I could, but the others were foolish enough to get into fisticuffs with one of them. Now, I don’t know how it exactly went down, but I know Chambers dragged Puma and Collins, who both were on brink of death, out of the frying pan… to the fire.

There he was. The General. He had six arms, like rest of them, but they we’re all mechanical. Now, you know I’m not too fond of critters like them, but we had to get past him. See, there was this portal, not unlike the one in New Jerusalem.

The Mirror World.

Collins and Puma made a run for it, leaving me and Chambers to deal with the abomination. Fortunately, as it tried to make as one big holes with his shootin’ iron, it exploded in his hands. The smoke and confusion provided us with an opportunity – I ran! Unfortunately, the beast catched me. I knew I had one of the S&R Flashbangs in my sixgun, so I shot it on his face. I didn’t hit, not even close, but the flash from the barrel got his eyes and I dived for the portal. Chambers soon followed, fortunately without that Five-Arm General. There we were again, facing unknown that few had ever seen.

In hindsight, it might be best we didn’t take the Mad Scientist there…



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