Deadlands: The Last Sons

The Agent, the townsfolk and the fungi monsters

The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


We didn’t get far before we had our first encounter with the harsh planes of Sioux Nations. We had set up camp for the night, when we heard someone riding towards us – catchin’ us. Seeing as we hadn’t left Deadwood with the lowest of profiles, I prepared myself for yet another conflict. Fortunately, the horseman proved to be an ally. Richard Speakman, he said his name was. A store owner specializin’ in miners’ needs in Deadwood. Also, an Agent for the Agency of United States. He was pleased to see us deliverin’ the case files to Denver, for he’s bein’ mighty busy with the tensions rising back at Deadwood. He promised to send a telegraph to the agents of Denver, so they’ll know we are coming, and disappeared into the night.

We got to Laramie without any trouble, and passed the town in a matter of hours. We restocked and found the town to a be as typical as a town stuck in the middle of nowhere can be. They had some mechanical animals on display, which Doc Morris got interested in, though. Me? I just wanted to continue our travel as soon as possible. The days were flying past us and full moon was already near. I didn’t need no starry skies and unlit campfires to tell me that. I felt it in my gut.

Only a couple nights before the full moon, on a rainy evenin’, we arrived to New Jerusalem. A small town like any other, but this one had a secret. Speakin’ of secrets, it was harder and harder to keep mine, as it always is this time of the month. Anyway, it all began with a scream.

The scream came from a house on the end of the street. It pierced into my ear through my nightly ritual, and I had barely the time to grab my Winchester, let alone button up my shirt. As I rushed to the street, I noticed I wasn’t the only one who had heard the scream. As disorientated as I was, the townsfolk and my travellin’ companions were heading towards the house. Nothin’ was to be found. Only an open door, burn marks on the wall and draggin’ marks in the mud, towards the mine. Then I heard an another scream.


This time it came from the stables. I ran like the wind to get there in time. I peeked through a window, and what I saw, I didn’t believe at first. To be honest, a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have. I’ve found my mind bein’ a hella lot more open to the weirdness since I was made the weirdness. These creatures were like livin’ ‘shrooms, but with tentacles for grabbin’ stuff. Their skin was a mixture between minced meat and the goo Chambers puts to his meals. Several kinds of unpleasant.

With a little help from my companions, I managed to shoot all three of them down, and save the farmhand they were harassin’, but not without takin’ a hit myself. They used some kind of flamers, but without the flame. Only the round and burnin’ marks. I don’t know what they were, but those burners really hurt.

We got geared up and hurried towards the mines to see if the kidnapped family at the end of the street could be saved. It wasn’t long when we encountered three of the… the… ‘shroom-men… no… fungi-things… not right… ungh, screw it. They were a mix of minced meat and goo. They’re mi-go. You come up with a better name.

Fortunately, we got the drop on them and drop they did. Then we came upon it. An altar with a mysterious book, a knocked-out barber and the… rift. It was as if the air itself had a hole in it, and the hole was filled with all colors and lights, which had a strange pull towards itself. I’m not a doubtin’ Thomas by any means, but this, I’m not sure I believe it even now. I got my noggin’ mixed up and made a huge mistake. Me and Puma, we walked under it to get to next section of the mine. Then the rift sucked us in. What happened then, that’s where the weird shit starts.



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