Deadlands: The Last Sons

Smith and Robards saves the day!

This epic tale starts with a fellowship of six brave men and women of the west. I am Robert Chambers, a humble Smith & Robards traveling salesman. I am accompanied by five not yet significant people who are either my temporary employees or customers, depending on the situation.

We were traveling on my trademarked S&R stagecoach. Our destination was Deadwood, because I heard that place had a need for the inventions and products of the great Smith and Robards company.

But alas, the west is full of dangers. On our way to Deadwood, our journey was halted by a ragtag bunch of bandits, trying to rob us. After their leader made a forceful suggestion of removing ala of our valuable goods, I promptly told them, that we were a registered Smith and Robards reseller and their attempts to continue with this robbing would be met with the full force of S&R technology can provide.

They laughed and were joyful, for even robbers know, that S&R technology is a valuable resource. They still wanted to continue with their plan to remove the goods. That was their first and last mistake.

While my companions were surrendering, I sneaked to the back of the stagecoach and equipped myself with the patented Vapor Mask™ (VM100, S&R catalog pg. 49) and grabbed a bottle of Slumber gas™ (SU100, catalog pg. 73). Because it was a dark night, I used my Ghost Rock Watch™ (GW100, catalog pg. 53) as a temporary light source. I was ready to nonlethally eliminate a half dozen bandits alone in a matter of seconds thanks to Smith And Robards!

Then, from the cover of the S&R stagecoach, I shined the light against the bandits and threw the slumber gas to the middle of the bunch. A moment later most of the big bad bandits fell to sleep like babies. The leader was fast enough to react and left the gaseous cloud of slumber. Maybe he had taken a Greased Lightning pill™(GL100, catalog pg. 70)? Then my companions gathered their courage like they had taken a dose of Liquid Courage™(LC100, catalog pg. 71) and captured the escaping bandit leader.

After that endeavor, we chained the bandits, so we could take them to the proper authority. A few moments later an indian man wanted our help to free his brothers from some other indians. Because S&R does not discriminate, of course we had to help them. My companions did the heavy lifting while I stayed as support with my Air-Gun Rifle™(SP111, catalog pg. 88). Long story short, good indians were rescued and evacuated from the bad indian camp.

What followed from that, is a tale for an another time…



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