Deadlands: The Last Sons

At the Towers of Madness

The Tall Tales of Tomas Graven


We woke up in a strange land. Instead of large, undisturbed plains there were mesas filled with fungi, connected to each other with ungodly bridges of color. In the light of two full moons we walked the mesas and saw menacin’ towers in the distance. Good thing the moons didn’t make the beast come forward. Puma wouldn’t have liked that.

We came upon an another visitor to this world – a German soldier in black leather. He was trapped in this place as well, and short on food. Together we decided to make it to the towers, hopin’ we would make it back home. On the way it became clear that the German, Corporal Heinrich, had hit his head, if not worse, for he thought he had lived in the future, sometime in the 20th century.

Nearin’ the towers, we saw more of the things, Mi-Gos, patrollin’ the area. Outnumbered and outgunned, we decided to become whispers in the darkness, not cattle in rampage. That meant takin’ the silent approach.

Our element of surprise was almost used before we even had it – a beast like a dog or a wolf with gapin’ hole filled with sharp teeth for a mouth and some kind of scrapper junk for legs, the terrifyin’ abomination immediately rushed upon me and took a bite out of my leg. Then it happened. It lasted only a second, if even that, but I felt it as clearly as I feel my Winchester in my hand. I changed. I became the beast that’s livin’ inside of me.

As I came to, I saw the abomination runnin’ scared, and I saw that Puma and Heinrich almost followed it. Yet they didn’t say anythin’, and I wasn’t feelin’ like talkin’. Hopefully it happened because the moons there were all screwed up, not because… anythin’ else.

We got to a tower, and entered it. Inside the never-ending tower, there was stairs upwards. As we climbed, we heard an alarm and a bunch of mi-gos followed. We shot, punched and clawed our way up, and Puma almost got dragged down.


We got in a room with a hole in the air, like there was in the cave. We had no time to sit down and ponder where it’d take us. We jumped in, but not before one of the bastards got its tentacled around Heinrich’s throat. Puma shot an arrow, but missed. I had one bullet in my Peacemaker left. I cocked the shootin’ iron, took aim and fired the shot. The bullet soared through the air like a leaf in the wind. A very fast and very deadly leaf. The mi-go took the bullet into its head, splicin’ its tentacle along the way. The creature fell and Heinrich jumped with us to the unknown.

Hang me high if I wasn’t pleased from what I saw. We all came through, back into the cave we left from. I saw Elena throwin’ the worm book into the rift, and the damned thing closed behind us. Adios a-mi-gos!

I would’ve been more pleased if i hadn’t been a beaten mess though. I got up and headed towards the hotel at the break of dawn. The townsfolk gathered to cheer, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to get some sleep before it’d be impossible to get any. Tomorrow we’d be in Denver and would have whole new problems.



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